animated burning wedge of cheese 

animated burning wedge of cheese
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Web apps

Here you can access a collection of web apps, made by me.

screenshot of Lingle


A Dutch version of Wordle with a familiar look and feel. Supports the IJ digraph!

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screenshot of "Tophat" web app


Tophat is a powerful bitmap font creation tool for Playdate game development using the Playdate SDK. It lets you import TTF/OTF fonts, gives you fine control over Unicode coverage (as well as including additional, more logical groupings of characters such as all letters used in a specific language, or various kanji orderings), and makes kerning more convenient than ever with kerning previews directly visible on the main screen. Tophat even lets you copy, paste, or otherwise manipulate multiple selected glyphs at once!

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screenshot of "Oven" web app


With the Oven, you can convert images to 1-bit! While specifically made to facilitate creating assets for Playdate development, you can also convert images for just about anything else. It supports various types of ordered dithering (including blue noise), and even lets you modify the way the image gets converted to monochromatic.

Redesign with better support for working with multiple images at once coming in the future!

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screenshot of "Counter" web app


The Counter lets you tally anything, saving it to your browser’s local storage. You can add multiple counters, change their names and colours, and all of it will still be there even if you refresh the page.

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screenshot of "Bandgen" web app, showing a 3DS Virtual Console banner with "amogus" on it


I literally wrote this thing in one single hour after having woken up with little to no sleep help me

Bandgen is an extremely sloppy does-the-job kinda tool that generates 3DS Virtual Console styled banners, made to be used with New Super Ultimate Injector by Asdolo on GBAtemp because Wine wouldn't let me use Rodin.

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no image


In the works!

Coming Soon!!!!!!!
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